Understanding the Application Process

The following steps will show how the application process works. Please completely review the process before beginning. Please Note: You may apply for a specific trade no more than once per 2 years. If you have already submitted an application, you may check by clicking here:

application status

Decide on a Trade for Application

Review the trade descriptions on the Apprenticeship Tab. Decide which is the best fit for you. If you like, you can choose to apply to more than one Trade.

Fill out Application

When you’re ready, fill out the application below as thoroughly and as accurately as you can. Be sure to have checked the box for a Specific Trade.

Choose which Pre-Hire class you can attend

Before you can submit your application, you must choose a Prehire class you can attend. You will be given choices based on your address and dates soonest available. Be sure to choose a class you can commit to attending and, remember, you must be on time! If you are late, you will have to start the class over!

Attend Pre-Hire
Provide necessary documentation

When you show-up for your Prehire class, you will be asked for proof of age (valid, government issued I.D.) and if you are applying for the millwright program, you will need to provide your GED or your High School Diploma. If you can’t provide this on the first day of class, you may have to start the class all over!

Attend Interview

Upon successful completion of your Pre-hire class, you will be given an opportunity to interview for the apprenticeship. This will complete your Application Process.